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Sunlight and time are important factors that affect the health of skin cells. AHA will help shed old or dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. and reveals healthy skin. Using high-concentration AHAs and using them continuously for a long time can affect the deeper layers of the skin. By stimulating the regeneration of collagen and elastin under the skin. Makes the skin soft and wrinkles look reduced.

However, consumers should study the usage information. UFABET  And choose to use products that clearly indicate the amount of AHA by using high concentrations of AHA. It should always be under the guidance of a medical professional.

AHA helps reduce wrinkles. Delay aging on the face

Collagen is a protein that helps build and repair cells. Increase strength and flexibility of tissues in various parts of the body as we age. The body will produce less collagen. Causes sagging skin and wrinkles. Which skin care products containing AHA ingredients will stimulate skin cell turnover. Helps restore skin faster. Makes various wrinkles fade away and helps adjust the skin color to be smooth and consistent. There has also been a study to investigate the effectiveness of skin creams containing AHA, vitamin B3, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Which help reduce wrinkles and make the skin smoother after 21 days of use without side effects Skin extension.