Aquilani reveals what Grandfather Roy

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Aquilani reveals what Grandfather Roy told him when he took over the new Liverpool manager.

Alberto Aquilani former Italian attacking midfielder. Reveal that Roy Hodgson’s players celebrated say anything about their first joint rehearsal after work manager Lisa Everly ‘s Pool in 2010.

“When Rafael Benitez was sacked as Liverpool manager, I had two mixed feelings in my head. First of all, I’m happy. because he thinks he will get more playing time under the leadership of his new manager,” the little prince told the Liverpool Echo.

“But another feeling is regret. Because he was the one who brought me to Anfield football. He always protects me from bad things. Most importantly. I became Rafa’s kid in the eyes of the new coaching staff. which is inevitable.”

“However, Roy Hodgson has to be admired for being a man of the fullest. At his first training session he said frankly that he wanted to use Joe Cole in place of my position.

“At first I thought I wanted to prove it with the quality of walking and hard work. Therefore willing to endure as a backup in the first game against Arsenal willingly But after a few games I was still dropped on the sidelines.”