Conte reveals the secret behind

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Conte reveals the secret behind Mason’s relationship that few people know.

Antonio Conte has spoken about the decision for Ryan Mason to remain at Tottenham as one of his staff members. Ready to reveal the relationship the two have had together since many years ago.

The Italian has brought in his own team of seven, but he decided to let Mason, manager and former player who took over from Jose Mourinho before Nuno Espirito. Santo will be appointed Still working with him,

Mason, who was only 30, had to retire early. Because of a fractured skull injury in 2017, in that game, the former midfielder played against Conte’s Chelsea.

“It’s a strange situation. I went to the hospital to find him and his family. Because it is a serious injury,” Conte told the club’s media.

“I followed him last season when he coached Spurs for two months. then we met he is really good And I think this might be a good experience for him,” he added.

“Coexistence Help me and my team adjust. I think it is very important to be emotionally involved in the club you are working for.”

Mason’s side also admitted that their paths had converged. It was really expected.

“To be honest, it’s quite strange. when I was injured It was a game against his team at Stamford Bridge.”

“He came to the hospital afterwards to see me and my family. I can’t remember because of my condition. But I have a photo of him with me at my bedside. And I think that shows what kind of person he is. He has a lot of class.”