Horribly bruised, Vieira Seng Palace

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Horribly bruised, Vieira Seng Palace, plenty of chances, didn’t end before the dizzying defeat.

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira said after Palace’s 1-0 defeat to Leeds United on penalties in stoppage time in the second half of Rafinha, Palace do not win. Who in the Premier League three games in a row, with this game Palace has many chances. Especially Christian Benteke, but it all misses.

“I am disappointed that we lost. because we are a better team But when you can’t seize the opportunity that comes your way You must know that You can also be punished. I don’t want to think about losing penalties. We also had a couple of chances in this game that should have scored. especially in the second half We have a problem with the technique of playing at the right time at the right time. I think today’s game we were unlucky.”

“I think this game is not easy. We knew the opportunity would come to us in the second half. But also that it didn’t happen. We have to defend better, if we can, we have more chances of winning than losing. However News report by UFABET, we didn’t have much time to regret the defeat in this game. We have the next game. And the focus of the team has to go to that game.”

Crystal Palace have played 14 games, 16 points, are in 12th and their next game away to Manchester United at Old Trafford.