Jamie Carragher warne Jordan Henderson moving Saudi Arabia

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Jamie Carragher reveals he warne Jordan Henderson about moving to Saudi Arabia

  • This player wants to say goodbye to the “Reds”
  • Today’s players have uncertain career paths towards the end.

Jamie Carragher, former defender of Liverpool a giant club in the Premier League, revealed that he once warned former Reds captain Jordan Henderson. Before leaving Anfield to play in the Pro League. Saudi Arabia But it didn’t work.

 Carragher said: “It was a brave decision by Gareth Southgate. People are calling for him. (Henderson) hasn’t been on the team for ทางเข้า ufabet a long time. I just want to say this about Jordan. I talk to him when he move to Saudi Arabia. I told him my thoughts. And what I think about moving there.”

“Sometimes you have good moments and bad moments because of the decisions you make. It’s like Michael Owen when he went to Real Madrid and you thought something good would happen.”

“Including Thiago Alcantara and Joel Matip , they received a great farewell and Jordan was the man who lifted all the trophies for Liverpool, but now he is almost forgotten. He made the wrong decision to go there. (Al-Ittifak) I’m not talking about off the field. But I’m talking about football.”

Henderson, 33, currently playing with Ajax Amsterdam, has left the England team.