Keown urges Manchester United to bring Garner back

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Keown urges Manchester United to bring Garner back immediately after showing good form for Forest

Martin Keown, legendary defender Suggested that Manchester United rush to pull a loan contract like James Garner back to use immediately. After showing great form, Nottingham Forest defeated Leicester City 4-1 in the FA Cup.

“James Garner is an extremely dangerous set-piece player and in the Forest win against Leicester. It was shown over and over again that the boy was real. Regardless of the weight or the way the ball goes from his feet. It’s absolutely beautiful,” Keown told the UFABET.

“Every time Garner puts a long ball into the opponent’s penalty area. It gives the team a chance to score goals and the fans who are watching the game from both the pitch and live are eagerly awaiting another great shot.”

“To be honest I can’t believe. He’s a player who has loan to other teams by Manchester United for two to three years if I were the current manager. I will call him back to play for the first team as soon as possible.”

“It’s important that Garner himself is almost forgotten by the feelings of the fans. But he continued to work hard all the time until he developed the right footwork. It’s not easy for a player who is loan out on a two-year contract, but he’s doing well and is extremely confident at the current club.”