‘Maguire’ to snuggle up with the West Ham for a chance to play

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Talk Sports pundit Darren Ambrose has urged Manchester United defender Harry Maguire to join West Ham this summer. Maguire has struggled at Old Trafford over the past year. West Ham are looking to strengthen their defense as well after losing Craig Dawson in January.

Although Kurt Zouma and Nayev Aghurd have performed well, David Moyes is keen to increase his quality options at centre-back and they are interested in Maguire this summer. According to BBC Sport, Ambrose has told talkSPORT that a move to West Ham would be a good move for Maguire. and gave him a fresh start in his professional career again .

“In terms of Harry’s career, I think he should go and play,” Ambrose said. “I think he’ll play at West Ham, it’s a fresh start.

“He’s not got the massive expectations that Manchester United have at the moment so he can gain his confidence back. http://ufabet999.com

“As you said, there’s a massive player in there as well. I think he’s still quality enough. Especially to play Premier League football.”

The pundit also believes that Maguire has received ‘unfair’ criticism during his spell at Old Trafford. But he can’t see West Ham signing the defender on loan this summer.

“In terms of Harry’s career I think he should go out and get the chance to play,” Ambrose said.

“He’s not trusted at Manchester United, so this will be where he can regain his confidence

. He’s also good in him. I think he still has enough quality. Especially playing in the Premier League

. This one moved on loan this summer.

He added: “£25million, there’s a question of whether he can go on loan, no chance!”