McGa advises Asensio to join Arsenal

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McGa advises Asensio to join Arsenal amid speculation with Liverpool.

Steve Mac Manama’s legendary Red Wings Lockdown recommended. Marco’s sensitive offensive from Real Madrid. That is suitable to move to Arsenal over the latter rumored to Liverpool over the past month.

“The future of Asensio, he has to make the final decision himself. Because everyone knows that next summer. Real Madrid will have to spend big money to buy more world-class strikers. either Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland.” told

“However I’ve been there before. So I have a lot of Spaniard friends and I know that everyone dreams. Playing for a big team like Real Madrid. Especially those born in the capital will feel very much in love with their hometown. special I want to play for the big team in the city happily and live there for a long time without thinking too much. Because anyway, it’s successful anyway.”

“I don’t know if Asensio would have that idea or not. But at present he is only a substitute for Benzema. accidentally being the second choice after Vinicius & Rodrigo even and in the future may have to be Mbappe or Haaland in the future. more cover up The transfer is therefore the best solution.”

“If possible, I would recommend Asensio to go to Arsenal because he could be the future of the team after the aging Aubameyang, while Lacazette could leave after the end of the season. this season as well.”