Rio backs Erik ten Hag

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Rio backs Erik ten Hag as Manchester United manager instead of Solskjaer.

Rio Ferdinand legendary football club Manchester United veterans of the English Premier League. Commenting that Ajax boss Erik ten Hag is now fit to sit at the Red Devils’ podium instead of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Norwegian’s

chairman. In a state of shock due to the inability to maintain. Consistency in the form of play at the back Since. Being sacked by Liverpool at Old Trafford 0-5, followed by a 2-0 defeat against Manchester City.

Ten Hag ‘s name has been taken as a priority. Manchester United’s early streak joins Brendan Rodgers and Zinedine Zidane. With Ferdinand believes the Dutch boss is well suited to take over as the Red Devils’ new manager.

“For any manager to assume a position at a new club, It’s like they have to show their skills right away,” Rio commented on his YouTube channel FIVE. “I think the right attitude and mentality is what separates a good manager from a manager. A top team.”

“He needs to do his job well and manage a dressing room full of egos. That’s a duty for whoever enters. Now, I do not know how, but Farnsworth Haag have to admit that the work he did with Ajax is great “

” You must realize that Ajax is not a small team. They are the biggest club in the Netherlands, although it is a different situation there but they are still a big team full of expectations. That’s what he experiences every day, no different than at Man United.”

“Whoever comes in He had to deal with the people here. That’s the art of being a great manager.”