Tuchel confident Aspicueta will stay at Chelsea – Rudiger

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Tuchel confident Aspicueta will stay at Chelsea – Rudiger depends on player

Chelsea manager Totus Tuchel says Cesar Aspilicueta There is a high chance to stay with the team next to Antonio Rudiger. Where everything depends on the player.

Chelsea will have three players whose contracts expire this season: Andreas Christensen, Antonio Rudiger and Cesar Aspilicueta. The trio are all linked with Barcelona, ​​with Christensen likely to have agreed to move to Spain, while Rudiger is reported to have said that. The player’s agent has flown to Spain to meet with Barcelona’s representatives. However, in part Aspilicueta Having received an offer from Barcelona as well, Chelsea have used a trick on the terms of the contract that will allow him to stay at the team.

UFABET report states that in the terms of the contract Aspilicueta signed with Chelsea If the required number of players are played, the team can extend their contract for an additional year.

“We knew it was going to happen. Because I know how many games we have left to make it happen. We have a contract together He is the captain of the club’s team. So there is a very high chance that he will stay with us.”

While Antonio Rudiger’s situation is different, the player has no agreements and allows him to choose his own future path.

“We are still trying to negotiate with him. He is still our player. And I think we have a good chance of holding him back. Although we cannot make an offer or negotiating something new with his agent But we remain confident.”

Chelsea remain on course for three trophies this year: the Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.