Woodgate: Sancho’s life Jadon Sancho

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Woodgate: Sancho’s life Jadon Sancho would be better at Liverpool, not Man Utd.

Jonathan Woodgate, former star of the Yung Thong army Strongly confirmed that Jadon Sancho, an expensive winger who is forming heavily with Manchester United at the moment, will definitely live on a better career path than this if staying at Liverpool.

“I knew how much Sancho had hoped for Manchester United so I agreed to sign for him in the summer. But he finally found that everything wasn’t as beautiful as he had hoped,” the Leeds legend told Ladbrokes.

“I don’t know if Sancho knows what caused it? Of course, no one knows the real reason. But I analyzed it to be because Manchester United’s style of play didn’t suit him at all.

“If it’s Manchester United in an era of greatness around the world Perhaps the situation could have changed completely. Because in those days they focused on attacking and creating rhythms that can be multi-dimensional, which is similar to Borussia Dortmund where Sancho grew up.

“Unfortunately, Manchester United at the moment is not like that. The way of playing is completely different. With all these tactics, Sancho can’t take away his potential, of course.”

“The whole world of football fans knows how talented Sancho is. So if a coach can use him to match his aptitude, it will have a huge positive effect. Honestly, just a little adjustment would have been better.”

“I didn’t secretly blame anyone. But let’s just say that if Sancho is playing at Liverpool this season, he’ll become a different super player in a different world.”