Results after laser skin treatment

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Results after laser skin treatment

When receiving treatment for skin problems with laser treatment It may take some time to see results. By making each type of skin laser give different results as follows

  • type of laser that causes the skin to peel After doing this kind of skin laser Your skin may become red or pink for several months. When the area that was fired by the laser began to heal. The quality and appearance of the skin in that area will change dramatically immediately. By doing this kind of laser will help to see results for many years.
  • A type of laser that does not cause the skin to peel. People receiving this type of laser treatment will gradually see better treatment results. The results are not immediately visible. The appearance and color of the skin will be significantly better than the wrinkle removal treatment.

However, after receiving all kinds of skin laser treatments. Should avoid exposure to the sun or exposure to strong sunlight for 1 year to prevent abnormal skin pigmentation. Because the results from laser skin treatment are not permanent. and wrinkles can occur as we age.

Risk factors and side effects of laser resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is one method that can help treat various skin problems. However, people with the following risk factors will not be able to get laser skin treatment

  • People who have used isotretinoin acne medication (Isotretinoin) shortly before receiving treatment
  • Patients with diabetes The immune system destroys itself. Immunodeficiency or illnesses related to connective tissue
  • Those who have a history of receiving radiation therapy to the face
  • People with a history of keloid scars
  • pregnant or breastfeeding women

In addition, laser resurfacing may cause side effects from the treatment. Which differ according to the type of laser as follows

What kind of laser does cause the skin to peel

  • Redness, swelling, or irritation People who have this type of laser may experience redness, swelling or irritation after the treatment. The itching and swelling will disappear. unlike the red marks that lasted for months And will be clearly seen depending on the depth of the laser shot. However, people who have had skin problems such as rosacea or contact dermatitis may see redness very clearly.
  • Acne occurs after laser treatment and must apply thick ointments or bandages to the face. It can cause pimples to break out and turn into white head rashes (milia) on the area of ​​the skin that was laser-blasted.
  • Infection People who have this type of laser are at risk of becoming infected with bacteria, viruses, or fungi.
  • Skin color changes, the skin on the lasered area may become darker or lighter. This will last for several weeks after laser treatment and will go away on its own without treatment. The problem of darker skin color is common for those who already have dark skin. Vitamin A or glycolic acid topical may applied. After the wound has healed. As for the problem of lighter skin color than usual, it is difficult to treat.
  • Scarring People who have this type of laser are prone to permanent scarring on their skin.
  • Ectropion: Laser treatment near the lower eyelid causes the lower eyelid to roll outwards. Surgery is required, however, these side effects uncommon.

A type of laser that does not cause

  • Infection. This type of laser can cause infection with the virus that causes herpes.
  • Skin color changes if the person who does the laser has a dark skin color color may become darker after receiving this type treatment. The skin color will be darker only
  • Slight redness and swelling After laser treatment, patients may experience redness and swelling. These symptoms usually come on and last for a few hours or days.
  • There are clear blisters and scars. After receiving this type of laser treatment There may be blisters and scars on the skin. which is not often found

How to take care of your skin after treatment

After completing the skin laser treatment You should take care of your regularly. to help the laser treatment area. Get well and see the results clearly. How to take care. After laser treatment can done as follows UFABET.

  • After 24 hours after laser treatment The of the lasered area should clean 4-5 times a day and apply ointments to prevent scabs.
  • Your doctor may prescribe steroid medication to reduce swelling around your eyes.
  • when it’s time to sleep You may bring pillows to support you higher to help reduce swelling that occurs after laser skin treatment.
  • In general, it takes 10-21 days for the skin that has lasered to heal. Patients can wear make-up. Using cosmetics that do not contain oil (Oil-free Makeup) to cover redness.
  • Should use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF (Sun Protection Factor, SPF) 30 or higher to protect the skin that is thinner after laser treatment.
  • Avoid going out in the sun or expose to strong sunlight. Also wear clothing that protects your skin from the sun, such as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, or a hat when going outdoors.
  • Should nourish new skin cells to moisturize. For those who use ointment to treat acne or products containing glycolic acid. It must discontinued and then resume. After 6 weeks or as directed by a physician.